The Benefits of Seeking Professional Counsel

The Ins and Outs of Personal Bankruptcy – The Benefits of Seeking Professional Counsel

Few people ever imagine themselves faced with the prospect of bankruptcy. When your situation brings that thought to the forefront, we understand your pain. It’s not easy to consider bankruptcy, never mind trying to navigate its rough waters. There are a lot of variables, and, without proper knowledge of all options at your disposal you can blunder into an unfortunate decision which only complicates an already difficult circumstance. For that reason, and others, it is strongly suggested you only pursue bankruptcy with the assistance of competent, experienced counsel.

When it comes to bankruptcy law, we at Shaines & McEachern have dutifully fought for our clients’ wellbeing for decades. We have a keen understanding of the needs and concerns of both debtors and creditors. You’ve already lost enough. It’s in your best interest to position yourself with a team that will minimize your losses, maximize your savings, and get you back on a forward moving trajectory.

We’ve long represented clients in need of help with:

Why should you hire an attorney specializing in bankruptcy?

1. Attorneys protect you from troubling interactions with creditors

Creditors want their money. They lack the motivation to care about, never mind consider your individual circumstances and rights. In large part, your importance to them is only as a factor which fuels their numbers. The further behind you fall on payments, the more your phone rings, your inbox fills, and more and more threatening letters find their way into your daily mail. It’s a cause of anxiety. Nobody likes to be “behind” on things – especially when it comes to finances.

Once creditors and harassing collection agencies find out you have an attorney, they typically cease their contact with you, preferring to continue matters with your attorney. Simply referring them to your attorney will do the trick in nearly all instances. They don’t want any trouble that may stem from unfair collection practices. The lawyers at Shaines & McEachern know your rights, as well as the bounds which creditors, and those working for creditors, should never cross. If a collector oversteps in its dealings with you, whether before bankruptcy (by employing unfair or disreputable tactics) or post-bankruptcy (by violating the automatic stay or the permanent injunction imposed in bankruptcy) the lawyers at Shaines & McEachern will be by your side, protecting your interests.

2. Attorneys will guide you in determining which chapter filing best suits your needs

Bankruptcy filings can be complicated. In general, legal jargon is not particularly easy to follow. Thus, you want to be sure you choose the track that best suits your unique case/needs. There are multiple options when it comes to filing for bankruptcy protection. Each option has its own eligibility requirements. Attorney Peter Doyle has focused on bankruptcy law for over 30 years. He will educate you on the pros and cons of each option and help you determine which will best position you for a successful outcome. He will guide you in choosing the road that maximizes your debt relief and positions you for a better future.

3. Bankruptcy attorneys prevent you from making ill-informed, costly oversights

In short, Shaines & McEachern attorneys are here to protect you from abuse by your creditors, and a costly misstep on your own. Making a rash or erroneous decision based upon insufficient knowledge or understanding can be costly, both from a financial and legal standpoint. If you err in your bankruptcy decision making you are potentially setting yourself up to have your case delayed, or even dismissed entirely. That can make moving forward with your life very difficult. In fact, an innocent error on your part could prevent you from filing again any time in the near future, posing substantial delays in your ability to obtain a “fresh start” in bankruptcy and leaving you and your family to face ongoing anxiety over your complex and troublesome financial circumstance.

When it comes to bankruptcy law, Shaines & McEachern’s first priority is to make sure that our clients are safe. Our bankruptcy team strives to ensure that your paperwork is completed and filed correctly in order to assure that you do not face further issues, such as those we have outlined above.

For further reading, check out this Q&A session with one of our lawyers specializing in bankruptcy practices – Peter Doyle.

Are you considering bankruptcy and unclear on what your options are moving forward? Call us today. We’re happy to answer any questions which you may have and, by so doing, alleviate some of the pressure you are experiencing. Bankruptcy is hard. We can help make it a little easier.

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