Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse comes in many different forms, and can be complicated to navigate. Our firm makes sure you are getting the representation you deserve during this trying time, whether you’re the victim, or a family member advocating for a loved one. It’s not an easy decision to place someone in a nursing home, so ensuring safety and wellbeing is the priority. If that safety and wellbeing is compromised, we’re ready to serve – right by your side.

For loved ones, nursing home abuse can be difficult to identify. Sometimes it only becomes clear after a loved one has died. Even then, there might be recourse.

Our team of attorneys focused on nursing home abuse and neglect are licensed to practice law in the state and federal courts in New Hampshire, southern Maine, and eastern Massachusetts.

Not sure of when to turn to legal counsel? Here are some helpful suggestions:

Examples of Potential Nursing Home Abuse:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Fractures and other fall-related injuries
  • Infections caused by unclean conditions
  • Pressure sores or bed sores
  • Muscle tears and strains due to improper movement by staff
  • Sudden and unexpected decline or death

Other Signs of Abuse and Neglect:

  • Bruises of unknown origin
  • Changes in the elder’s morale
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Excessive and sudden weight loss
  • Failure to encourage and allow adequate time for food and hydration
  • Persistent urinary tract infections
  • Physical discomfort
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Untreated health problems

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